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High Performance Concrete Cladding


Introducing first time to UAE/South Asia ● Sustainable ● Cost efficient ● high performance Concrete Cladding Products


  • DESIGN   - Offering the most versatile solutions for all spaces and styles. Keeping the current and future design trends, these products promote a unique look to the spaces and enable the customization of the rooms and external facades with different uses of layouts, even with interactive elements. Application of these designs dramatically transforms the building elements into breathtaking Aesthetics.  The Elements are impeccably designed to adapt with its surrounding environment, leading to an overall coherent architectural look and feel.


  • SUSTAINABILITY - Manufactured in UAE, production curing is done by moist. This process eliminates the emission of polluting gases in the atmosphere and minimizes the spending of energy. Part of the composition of the products takes concrete waste, which comes from the remains of the production, thus avoiding the generation of debris and reducing the wearing out of the extraction of raw material from nature.  To avoid waste, our production sector takes advantage of natural daylight during the operation of the machines in all the factories. The remainder of water used in the production process is not dismissed, being 100% recycled. The water is subsequently treated and reused. The product meets all sustainablity aspects as per the Green Building requirements.


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