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Introducing First time in UAE/Middle East


Everyone should be aware of the energy transition and know about the vast potential that sustainable energy offers. This precious knowledge is very important now, and crucial for generations to come. And playing is the very best way for children to explore and learn about the world around them.


The Solar module combines these factors by demonstrating that awareness of sustainable energy can be very simple – in a way that corresponds to how children see the world. The module is both active and interactive. Long story short,

This module is a unique, durable, interactive and educational resource that adds great play to your outdoor space.

Renewable energy source


This module consists of 9 walkable solar modules that are 60 x 60 cm each, with a top layer of sturdy anti-slip glass. The module is equipped with sensors that respond to movement, providing fast and interactive play on the floor. This approach integrates the style of gaming that kids know from tablets, laptops and phones, shifting the experience from indoor to outdoor.


The floor is connected to the local electricity grid at the location. A well-designed, clearly structured dashboard displays how much energy the module yields. Besides showing solar energy levels, the dashboard also lets you check out all the game challenges and see the scores. Let’s crush that high score!


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